Informations Covage

Un incident générique est en cours et impacte la région de la Somme.
16H00 : Mainteneur en chemin, problème de circulation.
15H10 : Déclenchement de nos mainteneurs tertiaires.
15H05 : Problème identifié sur un équipement réseau injoignable.
15H03 : Ouverture incident.


COVAGE NOC (Network Operations Center) supervises, monitors and maintains all services provided by COVAGE, on all technologies, 24/7.

The NOC information system has been a subject of specific developments to meet the operating characteristics of open networks. COVAGE, first neutral and independent french operator offering services to other telecom carriers, provides to its customers an advanced operational portal.

COVAGE Extranet provides valuable services to optimize operational exchanges; it allows to share services inventory, to display end user equipment status, to find service delivery devices descriptions, and to report and handle network incidents.

A 24/7 dedicated hotline is available at 0825 00 59 00 (+33 1 49 46 82 35) .